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* Not an official bucket endorsed by Costco * Price Club was founded in 1976 and Costco was founded in 1983. Both merged in 1993. Costco has grown into 847 warehouses with 304,000 employees and 223 billion in revenue worldwide. I visited my brother a few years back. He lives near Costco's headquarters so he took me over to their building. Nothing special happened and the building was kind of unimpressive which is good to keep down prices! My final project for marketing class consisted of a paper / presentation about a topic of my choice. Along with my partner, we chose the wholesale club business which was a fairly new concept in 1992. For some reason, I still find the history of wholesale clubs interesting. Here's one more Costco story. I started my candy distribution business in San Diego which was the same place Price Club started 20 years before me. I used to buy candy from this one candy distributor where the owner was about 50 years older than me. One of the owner's family members once told me that this owner refused to merge their candy distribution company with startup Price Club when offered the chance. Hindsight is 20/20 and everyone on Earth has made the wrong decision multiple times. In fact, merging might have been dangerous because Price Club lost 750K in year one (about $4 million today). I hope you enjoy my Costco bucket!